Quel'Thalas & The Third War

Years after the Second War, a Third War would arise after Lordaeron's crown prince, Arthas Menethil, is enthralled by the Lich King. As a newly risen death knight, Arthas is given orders to resurrect the necromancer Kel'Thuzad. He sets his sights on the Sunwell in Quel'Thalas, the only location powerful enough to allow him to perform this feat. Arthas, leading an army of undead Scourge, marches north from Lordaeron toward the high elf territories.

Aside from hearing rumors, the high elves are otherwise unaware of what is happening with Arthas and Lordaeron. When Arthas reaches the outskirts of Quel'Thalas, it doesn't take long for Sylvanas to hear of it. She rides out to meet Arthas at the first Elfgate, one of two massive, magically-imbued gates that protect Quel'Thalas and Silvermoon City from outsiders. Sylvanas warns Arthas to leave and when he proceeds with his attack, she tries to kill him. She fails and focuses on attacking his forces instead.

Ultimately, Arthas is able to destroy the first gate and Sylvanas and her forces are forced back to the second. Sylvanas grows concerned that the battle against the Scourge will fail but hopes that the second Elfgate will withstand his attack. She also hopes that the magisters at the Sunwell will be able to conjure a strong enough defense and sends messengers to Silvermoon to warn them. Unfortunately, all of them are slain before they can reach the city.

Despite feeling hopeless, Sylvanas tries her best to stop Arthas. She destroys a massive bridge leading to the second Elfgate but Arthas creates a new bridge with the bodies of his undead soldiers. She organizes a dragonhawk raid on the Scourge and orders that all nearby settlements be evacuated immediately. Arthas continues to press on, despite all of Sylvanas' efforts.

Accepting that she will likely die, Sylvanas reflects upon the pendant given to her by Alleria. It has been some time since she heard from her sister and assumes that she has passed away. She thinks that if she will die, at least she will be reunited with her sister once again.

Arthas is able to thwart every move Sylvanas makes and with the help of Dar'Khan, a traitor among the ranks of the high elves, he's able to secure the Key of the Three Moons required to bypass the second Elfgate. Sylvanas, already exhausted from her efforts, is unable to fight at her full capacity but meets Arthas on the battlefield regardless. The two fight but Arthas's sword, Frostmourne, is too powerful. He destroys her bow and stabs her mercilessly through the torso. As she remains impaled upon his blade, Sylvanas asks for him to finish her off quickly. Arthas, twisted with hatred, tells her that because she opposed him so vehemently, he will not let her die peacefully.

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