Of Silvermoon

Before her death and resurrection, Sylvanas was known among the high elves as the Ranger-General of Silvermoon. The Ranger-General is a very special title given to one who commands not only the Farstriders (a group of highly trained high elven rangers) but all of Silvermoon's military forces. As Ranger-General, Sylvanas is in charge of the defense of all high elf territory.

The Farstriders are rangers who possess an incredibly skilled mastery over the bow and arrow. This small group of elite elves was formed about 500 years before the Second War but the tradition dates back far earlier. The night elf civilization in which the high elves came have always had similar forces named Sentinels.

This section details Sylvanas' life as the Ranger-General of Silvermoon.

Windrunners - Who the are & what they stood for.
Second War - The Horde invasion.
Third War - The Lich King's assault.
Death - Sylvanas' final hour.
Deciple - The promising talents of Nathanos Marris.