Windrunner gets its title from Sylvanas' surname. I thought it was such a beautiful sounding name that it was natural for me to choose it as the name for this fansite. I had plans to create a Sylvanas fansite for some time now but what really pushed me to start working on it was the Construction Zone marathon event at Amassment. The event encouraged its members to upload their sites with minimal content with the idea of adding content gradually. Normally I like to put my sites online with the majority of content completed but this way, I'm able to get the site open much earlier. Not a bad idea at all! The site went up on April 24, 2016 (my birthday!).

As for myself, I've been playing World of Warcraft for over ten years now. I started just before the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, was released. I originally played as Alliance for many years but eventually I switched over to playing mainly as Horde. I've kept up with Sylvanas' role in the story for quite some time and she's been a favourite character of mine for years.

I absolutely love the rich history of the franchise and spend a lot of time reading through the novels, wikipedia and other materials to better understand the world in which I play. I'm one of those people who actually stop and read all the quest text the first time around (and again after some time, just to refresh my memory!). I'm a total lore nerd. XD

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